Youth Run

26th November 2022




About Youth Run'22

Youth Run'22 is one of the initiatives taken by the Annual Festival Committee, DAIICT. Youth Run'22 will be a 7 KM marathon that stretches from DA-IICT to the GH-3 (Pathikashram circle). The 6th edition of the Youth Run is to take place on November 26, 2022.

This run would serve as an ideal setting for highlighting significant social concerns that are now taking place in our community. LiFE is one such motivation that we actively support.

For registration, please contact:

Manan Pareek


Palak Varia


Raj lutya



Youth Run is initiated with a spirit to give the youth of India center stage to work and contribute towards the current climate change and environmental issues. The term LiFE stands for "Lifestyle for Environment," an initiative by our very own Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modiji, to put people in the spotlight for the goal of taking action on climate change on a global scale. This objective aims to assist a team of committed individuals prepared to accept and promote environmentally sustainable lifestyles. This would be accomplished by altering their perspective and behaviour through a widespread awareness Campaign promoted by this event.


Legacy of Youth Run

Youth Run has a vibrant legacy of actively working to bring forward these topics and raise Awareness in our community. Topics ranging from the Importance of Nutrition and Swachh Gandhinagar to Women Empowerment and Climate Change Awareness have served as the previous themes of Youth Run and the prime focus of our Initiative.

Over the years, Youth Run has welcomed enormous Participation from all over Gandhinagar.