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Amidst the madding crowd and deafening cheers, the esteemed celebrity promises to leave you mesmerized. Javed Ali, Raghu Dixit Project, Agnee, Indian Ocean, Aditya Narayan, Tochi Raina and still counting ..

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Courtesy- Ankit Muchhala

How many times have you hummed along to the tunes of your favourite artist imagining him clutching at the microphone while strumming the guitar; as you're lost in those tunes of harmony? How many were those moments when you wished he’d be right in front of you mouthing those words, the brain-blowing lyrics flooding your head, as you live the music breathing through their voices? Craving for that exhilaration? For that single glimpse of your favourite artist? Why settle for imaginative experiences when you can see him for yourself, in all flesh and blood? Singing, pouring his heart out to you, as the cacophony of the masses, of your friends, join you; in those larger than life moments. When you hear the very same song at twice the amplified volume, creating goose bumps on your skin, could you possibly put a price tag on such time capsules of infernal magic? Such is the sublime power of the bands and the artists of the likes of Lucky Ali, Indian Ocean, Tochi Raina, Javed Ali, Aditya Narayan, and many more that have dazzled all the awestruck people that have been a part of Cynosure in Synapse in the past. Come this time again to feel it for yourself.

With paint and fancy words and movies and sculpture we’ve all seen innumerate forms of expression of the creativity lying within us humans. What about fashion? Turning something as bland and unattended and common as the clothes we wear and morphing it into a statement of inventiveness and splendour, is what the students participating in Rampage manage to create on stage. Celebrate the beauty of human life, the power and art of the mind, as they enchant us with their poise and ability to appease the eyes. Colours, Sparkles, Lights and Hues – watch them make wonders out of mere pieces of fabric and add a hint of extravagance and eccentricity to our monotonic lives. With students from colleges such as NIFT, NID and prime engineering colleges all around the country; be a witness to the unique ways in which each one of them redefines and reinterprets the essence of clothing, fashion, art and beauty. With the Femina Miss India auditions held as a part of Rampage last year, judged by Miss India International Gurleen Grewal and Miss Asia Pacific World Shristi Rana, this year is bound to have much more in store for you.

So; you’re not one of them? Them that likes growling and howls and music that blows all definitions of decibels in your mind? There is much more to Rock than just that. Cultivate the inner inferno inside of you, bring out that wild side, feel the energy and the adrenaline coursing through your veins in the crowd that surrounds you and screams along. Kick your shoes loose and let those primal instincts take over for just one night. Find grace and serenity in the loudest of music and the coarsest of voices. Let your mind decide for itself as the most celebrated rock bands from the corners of the nation make this a memorable night for you and transform it into an out of the world experience. Mosh pits. Head Banging. You’ll get to know them in the true sense only when you come to RagnaRock. Nale Band from Sweden, Hallakuah, Bhayanak Maut, Demonic Resurrection, Scribe, MotherJane and an infinity to come. Join us to tap into the infernal power.

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